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Beyond Fragmentation, Toward Cooperation

RRR3: Report on Recent Reports, Fall 2022

INTRODUCTION: Multiple Crises, Multiple Solutions.  The UNDP’s latest Human Development Report (3.1) provides thorough discussion of multiple crises and “the new uncertainty complex,” as well as fresh insights on how to deal with this “new normal.”  The UN...

Report on Recent Reports – #2, Summer 2022

Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals Advancing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals requires evidence-based information and advocacy that is widely disseminated and cited.  Transdisciplinary approaches are especially required, exemplified in reports...

Education for Sustainability and the SDGs: A Short Guide to Advocating Organizations

Our world is amid multiple crises, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.  This includes a crisis in education and learning, notably at K-12 levels, where many students have missed instruction in basic skills, but arguably at all levels,...

Putin’s Folly and Rethinking the SDGs

Download as PDF 1. Prologue: A Lose-Lose War At the time of this writing, the vicious and unwarranted Russian invasion of Ukraine is still underway, with no end in sight. The assault is more accurately seen as Putin’s War, because the Russian autocrat has a retrograde...

Report on Recent Reports – Spring 2022

Reporting on a Fragile World     Widely appreciated, high-quality, evidence-based information and advocacy is needed to advance the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals--especially in light of the dual global setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russian invasion of...

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Security and Sustainability Guide
🐟 In celebration of #WorldFisheriesDay, we are featuring 8 organizations working on this issue.🐟 This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of healthy #marine ecosystems and encourage the sustainable management of the world's #fisheries.🔗 You can learn more about these organizations here: ... See MoreSee Less
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👥 Our Change Leader of the Month is the Canadian academic, science broadcaster, and environmental activist David Suzuki. 👥 He is featured in the ‘Change Leaders’ section of our Guide, wherein we feature individuals who have made or are making important contributions to #security and/or #sustainability thinking and policies, through their research, outreach, and writing and/or by creating or leading important organizations.👥 Here’s an overview of what he’s most known for, visit our guide to find out more about him and other changemakers: #changemakers #activism #bethechange #makeadifference #inspiration #changetheworldDavid Suzuki Foundation ... See MoreSee Less
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🔹 In celebration of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, we are featuring the "Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction" by UNDRR. 🔹 The UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated that the "sixth edition of the United Nations Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction – Our World at Risk: Transforming Governance for a Resilient Future comes at a critical time for the future of humanity."🔹 The report provides recommendations to reduce #risk and increase #resilience. Furthermore, it shows how systematic risk modeling contributes to better anticipation of and response to risk.🔗 Learn more about the #UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and its publications here: #EarlyWarning #DRRday ... See MoreSee Less
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Organization Overviews

Notable Reports

Notable Organizations

Sustainability Leaders

The landscape of SDG-minded Organizations is fragmented. We aim to be the glue that can bridge the gaps. 

We identify and briefly describe international organizations, and nation-oriented organizations of possible international interest, that are focused on the two basic human goals of Security and Sustainability–both broadly defined.

Building on this wealth of information, we are aiming to create a community of interorganizational learning and exchange among these organizations. 

Security Organizations are concerned with human security, human rights, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, terrorism, nuclear issues, weapons, cyber-security, military organizations, etc. Sustainability Organizations focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable development, food security, water security, energy security, economic security, oceans, biodiversity, human population, green business and economics, etc.

There are thousands of guides to countries and cities, as well as flora and fauna. It is time for some guide to the rapidly growing number of security and sustainability organizations. But this is no easy matter, because human organizations are in flux, intertwined, and more difficult to classify.

The Security and Sustainability Guide is a Project of the World Academy for Art and Science.

Access to these hundreds of organizations is provided here in several ways:

  • Our advanced keyword search function.
  • Our detailed Subject Index that categorizes organizations according to the field they are working on. It enables you to easily identify organization working in similar fields.
  • An Organization Index of 2,500+ organizations. For those that prefer seeing the complete listing in index form and to explore the database without limiting results with keywords.
  • A Major Categories Index covering 100 domains with 15 or more listings, showing the major fields within the system
  • A dashboard of 6 overarching categories and 20 sub-categories that we deem important and relevant.
  • A Geographic Focus Index that sorts Organizations based on where they carry out their work, not where they are based. This should help you to identify Organizations in working in certain geographic areas.
  • A SDG Index (Beta Version for Notable Organizations) that shows organizations based on the SDGs they are consciously or subconsciously working towards. This categorization has been created through Natural Language Processing with the help of the Global Goals Directory.
  • An Organization Type Index, that sorts Organizations according to what their primary vehicle of change is (What are they working with, rather what are they working on). 

New Articles

RRR3: Report on Recent Reports, Fall 2022

RRR3: Report on Recent Reports, Fall 2022

INTRODUCTION: Multiple Crises, Multiple Solutions.  The UNDP’s latest Human Development Report (3.1) provides thorough discussion of multiple crises and “the new uncertainty complex,” as well as...

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Our goal is to highlight insights from important contributions to the public body of knowledge on the condition of our planet and humanity.

- Michael Marien Ph.D.

Notable Organizations

All of the organizations described in the S&S Guide are engaged in important and interesting activities related to security and/or sustainability. But some appear more important or interesting than others. The Guide tries to identify centers of expertise and leading-edge thought and action in all areas of security and sustainability. This is no easy matter, and opinions will surely differ as to which organizations deserve highlighting. Still, as an initial introduction to the organizations covered in the Guide, most of the following selections should be of interest to most users. Emphasis has been given to those organizations emphasizing security and sustainability, and/or taking a broad systems approach to global concerns.

Three Important Messages

Remarkable Growth

The remarkable growth of Security and Sustainability organizations, with a median start-up date of 2002, is greatly under-appreciated by media and researchers; this is especially true for organizations supporting green business as a new type of capitalism.
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Alliances, Coalitions & Networks

Formation of alliances, coalitions, consortia, and networks to overcome fragmented efforts is important; the Guide identifies 180+ such groups, and more are probably desirable.
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Security + Sustainability

A small but growing group of organizations is linking both security and sustainability concerns realizing that we cannot have security without sustainability and vice versa.
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