The Security & Sustainability Guide

Global Risks and Challenges – A Quick Look at Security Organizations

Risks, challenges and governance    Global Security is an elusive term with several definitions. According to Ken Booth, Global Security Threats can be divided into global existential threats and global emancipatory threats. Global existential threats,...

Regional Security – A QuickLook at Leading Organizations

Today we live in a world with numerous areas of power and no institutions adapted to address its contemporary security challenges. For instance, China and other countries in the Southeast Asian region argue over the sovereignty of the South China Sea, which is an...

Human Security – A QuickLook at Leading Organizations

The concept of Human Security While the traditional notion aims to defend a nation-state in its territorial integrity through increased military means, human security focuses on the individual. This concept of security is linked to human development, understood not as...

Our Common Agenda: Review of Five UN75 Reports

Reviewed Reports: Our Common Agenda: Report of the Secretary General (UN, Sept 2021, 84p)Our Future Agenda: A Vision and Plan for Next and Future Generations (UN, Sept 2021, 54p)Shaping Our Future Together: Listening to People’s Priorities for the Future and...

Youth Groups: A QuickLook at Leading Organizations

The hope for resolving our world’s greatest problems is nested in future generations: in the power of youth and organized youth groups. Since adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security (2015), recognition of young people as a...

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Notable Organizations

Sustainability Leaders

We Have the Power to Shape Our Future. The Security and Sustainability Guide is Doing Something About It. More Must Be Done. NOW!

The Security and Sustainability Guide is a Project of the World Academy for Art and Science. 

Out Mission is to identify and briefly describe international organizations, and nation-oriented organizations of possible international interest, that are focused on the two basic human goals of Security and Sustainability–both broadly defined.

Security Organizations are concerned with human security, human rights, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, terrorism, nuclear issues, weapons, cyber-security, military organizations, etc. Sustainability Organizations focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable development, food security, water security, energy security, economic security, oceans, biodiversity, human population, green business and economics, etc.

There are thousands of guides to countries and cities, as well as flora and fauna. It is time for some guide to the rapidly growing number of security and sustainability organizations. But this is no easy matter, because human organizations are in flux, intertwined, and more difficult to classify.

Access to these hundreds of organizations is provided here in several ways:

New Articles

Our goal is to highlight insights from important contributions to the public body of knowledge on the condition of our planet and humanity.

- Michael Marien Ph.D.

Notable Organizations

All of the organizations described in the S&S Guide are engaged in important and interesting activities related to security and/or sustainability. But some appear more important or interesting than others. The Guide tries to identify centers of expertise and leading-edge thought and action in all areas of security and sustainability. This is no easy matter, and opinions will surely differ as to which organizations deserve highlighting. Still, as an initial introduction to the organizations covered in the Guide, most of the following selections should be of interest to most users. Emphasis has been given to those organizations emphasizing security and sustainability, and/or taking a broad systems approach to global concerns.

  • Abolition 2000
  • Alliance to Save Energy
  • American Security Project
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • BlueGreen Alliance
  • C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
  • Cascade Institute
  • Center for Climate and Security
  • Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Clean Cooking Alliance
  • Clean Energy Ministerial
  • Client Earth
  • Climate Impact Lab
  • Club of Rome
  • Conference Board of Canada
  • Council on Energy, Environment and Water
  • Desert Research Institute
  • Drawdown Project
  • Earth Charter Initiative
  • Earth Institute
  • Earth System Governance Project
  • Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
  • German Advisory Council on Global Change
  • German Development Institute
  • Global Challenges Foundation
  • Global Compact Cities Programme
  • Global Compact Cities Programme
  • Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere
  • Global Governance Institute
  • Global Green Growth Institute
  • Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  • Great Transition Initiative
  • Green Cross International
  • Greenpeace International
  • Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
  • Institute for Future Initiatives
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • International Association for the Study of the Commons
  • International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
  • International Energy Agency / IEA
  • International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
  • International Institute for Strategic Studies
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • International Resource Panel
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Joint Research Centre
  • Millennium Project, The
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Oxford Research Group
  • Pacific Institute
  • Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Small Arms Survey
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
  • Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Sustainability Transitions Research Network
  • Sustainable Accounting Standards Board
  • Transparency International
  • UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • UNEP Finance Initiative
  • UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • US Global Change Research Program
  • Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services
  • Wilson Center
  • World Bank
  • World Economic Forum
  • Worldwatch Institute
  • World Wildlife Fund

Three Important Messages

Remarkable Growth

The remarkable growth of Security and Sustainability organizations, with a median start-up date of 2002, is greatly under-appreciated by media and researchers; this is especially true for organizations supporting green business as a new type of capitalism.
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Alliances, Coalitions & Networks

Formation of alliances, coalitions, consortia, and networks to overcome fragmented efforts is important; the Guide identifies 180+ such groups, and more are probably desirable.
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Security + Sustainability

A small but growing group of organizations is linking both security and sustainability concerns realizing that we cannot have security without sustainability and vice versa.
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