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Sustainability Guide

Beyond Isolation – Towards Collaboration


Michael Marien

“The SSG is an exercise in mapping the vast system organizations in the fields of security and sustainability. We aim to be a source of knowledge and information, a practical tool to navigate the ocean of knowledge available at everyone’s fingertips.”

David Harries

The SSG is a non-partisan open-source journey to identify the ever-rising number of organizations active on sustainability and security issues. The hope is that its findings will promote more interoperable, tangible collaboration among organizations that reduces the time, effort, and resources due unnecessarily lost to structural fragmentation and operational duplication.

Security Organizations

are concerned with human security, existecial risks, human rights, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, terrorism, nuclear issues, weapons, cyber-security, military organizations, etc.

Sustainability Organizations

focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable development, food security, water security, energy security, economic security, oceans, biodiversity, human population, green transition and economics, etc.

Why Security and Sustainability?

The peoples and nations of the world cannot have security without sustainability, nor can they have sustainability without security. These two broad global goals have become increasingly important in recent years. Both have expanded in their definitions, and their inseverable interconnections are becoming increasingly visible.

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SSG Newslitter – February 2023

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Notable Organizations

All of the organizations described in the S&S Guide are engaged in important and interesting activities related to security and/or sustainability. But some appear more important or interesting than others.


The remarkable growth of security and sustainability organizations is greatly under-appreciated by media and researchers. Countless new projects are started every year. We are covering over 2500 of them and new ones arrive every week.


The different types of partnerships to overcome fragmented efforts is important; the Guide identifies 300+ such groups. We are aiming to help reduce the fragmentation between subject matters and simplify partnering processes.


A small but growing group of organizations is linking both security and sustainability concerns realizing that we cannot have security without sustainability and vice versa.


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