Transparency International

Founding Year: 1993


Budget: $23.7m

Patricia Moreira (Managing Director)

Corruption is a major barrier to security and sustainability. This global movement shares one vision: a world in which government, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.  The 100 independent chapters worldwide form a “global coalition against corruption” and publish a corruption perceptions index for 177 countries, national integrity system assessments, and thorough global corruption reports with foci on topics like the water sector (2008), climate change (2011), and education (2013).

Promotes transparency, accountability, and integrity at all levels of society and across all sectors. Focus areas: defense and security, oil and gas, climate change, poverty and development, business, education, health, sport, whistle blowing, tools for fighting corruption in general, creating international conventions, and prosecution of corrupt leaders.


  • Anti-Corruption Knowledge Hub – An online space for TI’s research output. It is the home of the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk, TI’s expert network, a series of topic guides and country-specific research.
  • National Integrity System Assessments for many countries, that evaluate key ‘pillars’ in a country’s governance system, both in terms of their internal corruption risks and their contribution to fighting corruption in society at large.
  • Anti-Corruption Helpdesk – Meets the professional knowledge and research needs of a variety of stakeholders, from bilateral and multilateral donors to anti-corruption practitioners. They provide timely and tailored answers to corruption-related queries.
  • Exporting Corruption – Based on the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention signatory country have to make foreign bribery a crime for which their individuals and enterprises are responsible. IT uses the Convention is a key instrument for curbing and monitoring the export of corruption globally.


  • News, blog, media resources, etc.
  • Financial reports/annual reports
  • A library of country specific research, data and resources.
  • Corruption Perceptions Index for 177 countries each year they score countries on how corrupt their public sectors are seen to be.
  • Global Corruption Barometer – The world’s largest survey asking citizens about their direct personal experience of corruption in their daily lives and shows what people experience and how far countries have to go to fight corruption.
  • HIGHLIGHT: The Global Corruption Reports (GCR)
    • Global Corruption Report: Sport (2016, 398p.)
    • Global Corruption Report: Education (2013, 418p.)
    • Global Corruption Report: Climate Change (2011, 360p.)


Transparency International contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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