Joint Research Centre

Founding Year: 1958

Staff: 3000

Budget: ~€330 m

Vladimír Šucha (Director General)

The JRC is the European Commission‘s in-house science and knowledge service and advisory with six locations in five European Union countries (Brussels, Geel, Ispra, Karlsruhe, Petten, Seville). They work to “create, manage and make sense of knowledge and develop innovative tools and make them available to policy makers”, “anticipate emerging issues that need to be addressed at European Union level and understand policy environments”, and “collaborate with over a thousand organisations worldwide whose scientists have access to many JRC facilities through various collaboration agreements.”

Science Programs:

 Current Projects of the Centre for Advanced Studies:

  • Big Data Collection and Processing in Analysing and Forecasting Economic Developments
  • Digital Transformation –Human behaviour and machine intelligence (HUMAINT)
  • Digital Transformation – Governance of human societies
  • Paradigm shift in communication




Joint Research Centre contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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