Global Challenges Foundation

Global Challenges Foundation (2012; Stockholm; 9 staff;

Aims to reduce the main global challenges and risks that threaten humanity. Their work is based on the risk analysis ideas central to the success of Laszlo Szombatfalvy. Seeks to raise awareness of nonlinear risks, particularly regarding climate change, other environmental damage, and political violence, and how these threats are linked to poverty and the rapid growth in the global population.

Partnerships & Initiatives:


  • Analysis & Research
  • The New Shape Library – A curated archive containing some of the most innovative and interesting submissions sent to the New Shape Prize.
  • Earth Statement – GCF joined forces with Earth League, a network of the world’s 17 leading climate scientists, to develop the climate petition Earth Statement. The petition summarized the synthesis of the global research on climate change.
    • Global Catastrophic Risks 2020 (2020, 56p.) – It gives an “overview of all the greatest threats to humanity,
      to track developments in the issues, to highlight their interconnectedness and to explore how they are being managed at the global level.”
    • The Greatest Challenges of Our Time (2010, 111p.)
    • Connected Risks, Connected Solutions (2014, 64 p.) by Victor Galaz et al. of the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University, intended to be “the first scientific synthesis and overview of what knowledge has been produced in the social sciences regarding global governance, focusing on interconnected risks caused by humans.”
    • 12 Risks That Threaten Humanity: The Case for a New Risk Category (2015, 212p.) – The risks are subdivided into current risks (extreme climate change, nuclear war, ecological catastrophe, global pandemic, and global system collapse), exogenic risks (asteroid impact, volcanoes), Emerging Risks (synthetic biology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, uncertain risks), and Global Policy Risks (future bad global governance).

Leadership: Laszlo Szombatfalvy (Founder and Chairman), Jens Orback (Executive Director)