Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference

Founding Year: 1963

Staff: 103


Benedikt Franke (CEO)

A leading forum for debating international security policy. Aims to address the most pressing security concerns. Strives to be a hub between “heads of state and government, ministers, leading figures of international and non-governmental organizations, as well as high-profile representatives of industry, media, academia, and civil society.”

Besides the annual conference in February, “the MSC regularly convenes distinguished events on particular topics and regions. Also, it publishes the Munich Security Report and several thematic briefs that provide analysis and recommendations on current and future risks.”



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    • Munich Security Index – Presents “data on perceptions of risk that pervade the societies of G7 and BRICS countries” providing insights “for interstate cooperation on shared global threats as well as into the patterns of cooperation and competition that are shaped by how societies perceive each other.”
    • Munich Security Report – An annual report containing “exclusive data and graphics on current security policy issues, compiled in cooperation with renowned partner institutions of the MSC.” For a detailed revision of the 2022 edition, click here.


  • An online calendar of past and upcoming events
    • Munich Leaders Meeting – Additionnaly to the MSC, the organization “is involved in the international security policy debate with other high-profile formats.” These meetings gathers a “group of up to 50 high-level participants to discuss current foreign and security policy challenges with particular emphasis on a specific regional context.”

NOTE: In 2018 the MSC Foundation was established as a non-profit organization to guarantee the independent and long term sustainability of the Munich Security Conference.

Munich Security Conference contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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