International Association for the Study of the Commons

Founding Year: 1989



Marco A. Janssen (President, Coordinator for North-America)

The IASC is devoted to bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners and policymakers for the purpose of improving governance and management, advancing understanding, and creating sustainable solutions for commons, common-pool resources, or any other form of shared resource.  Based on the ideas of the late Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University. Hosts Global, Thematic and Regional conferences.  Examples: the 2015 Global conference focused on common pool resources such as fisheries, forests, and water resources; the 2016 Thematic conference will focus on the interdisciplinary study of knowledge commons in the fields of medicine and the environment; the 2016 European Regional conference will focus on Commons in a “glocal” world of global connections and local responses.  They are supported in part by individual, organizational, and supporting memberships and most expenditures are covered through affiliated organizations. Formerly known as the Common Property Network (until 2006).




International Association for the Study of the Commons contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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