The Security and Sustainability Guide
  • Notable reports – Publications of other organizations, which we deem worth sharing, and therefore list here to increase their exposure. We will focus especially on freely available, authoritative scientific reports, that analyze the state of security and sustainability in local and global contexts.
  • QuickLooks – Provide an overview of leading organizations concerned within focus areas like human security, water scarcity, Arctic warming, air pollution, youth groups, etc. 
  • Essays and Reviews – Contributions of our own, in which members of the SSG team aim to put  issues into focus that desire more attention. Many of the subjects that will be covered here are inspired by the work and publications of the organizations listed in the Guide. Our goal will be to highlight insights from those important contributions to the public body of knowledge regarding the condition of our planet, the state of global security, and humanity as a whole.
  • Newsletter Archive – A small archive of our irregular newsletter.

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