The Security and Sustainability Guide

Explore our selection of Indices

We curated a selection of indices for those users, that prefer to explore our database in an open and curiosity driven manner without the restrictions of keyword searching.

  • Our detailed Subject Index that categorizes organizations according to the field they are working on. It enables you to easily identify organization working in similar fields.
  • The SDG Index that categorizes organizations based on the Sustainable Development Goals they are consciously or subconsciously working towards. This categorization has been created through Natural Language Processing Algorithms with the help of the Global Goals Directory.
  • An Organization Index of 2,500+ organizations. For those that prefer seeing the complete listing in index form and to explore the database without limiting results with keywords.
  • A Major Categories Index covering 100 domains with 15 or more listings, showing the major fields within the system
  • A dashboard of 6 overarching categories and 20 sub-categories that we deem important and relevant.
  • A Geographic Focus Index that sorts Organizations based on where they carry out their work, not where they are based. This should help you to identify Organizations in working in certain geographic areas.
  • An Organization Type Index, that sorts Organizations according to what their primary vehicle of change is (What are they working with, rather what are they working on).

All these categories and more are or will also be available for keyword based searches.