Meet the Team

Michael Marien (Senior Principal, LaFayette NY) – Holds a Ph.D. in National Planning from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science, publisher of Cadmus and Eruditio. He founded and edited Future Survey, a monthly publication of the World Future Society (1979-2008). He wrote more than 20,000 abstracts of futures-relevant books, reports, and articles and has published more than a hundred articles in futures publications. See recent writing in “Rants, Raves, and Reviews”.


David Harries (Principal, Kingston, Ont.) – Earned a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of London. He served in the Canadian military for several decades, was Director of Curriculum Planning and Deputy Commandant at the National Defence College of Canada, and has directed a MA program at the Royal Military College. Fellow of World Academy of Art and Science and recent Chair of Canadian Pugwash.


Michael Sales (Principal, Newburyport MA) – Co-founder of Art of the Future consultants for uncertain times, co-creator of the Structural Dynamics Strategic Leadership Development Process, and co-author of Life-Sustaining Organizations. He served as co-chair of the Society for Organizational Learning, North America. Received an Ed.D. from Harvard University for research in the field of Organizational Theory and Intervention Practice.

Friedrich Hirler (Senior Editor, Digital Nomad from Germany) – Holds an MA in international relations and peace and conflict research. He traveled about 50 countries mostly by thumb and struggles to merge the conflicting tendencies of this world and its people into a wholesome picture. He is deeply interested in world futures, global issues, and interdisciplinary analysis. Currently working with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

Cyrine Azaiez (Associate and Editor, Aspiring Digital Nomad, Tunisia) –
A former English teacher turned full-time freelancer to discover and unlock her full potential. She is interested in the SDG’s and the UN-system in general and aims to extend her knowledge of the international political landscape.

Iman Bint Abdul Wajid (Associate and Editor, Lahore, Pakistan) – Holds a BSc in Politics and International Relations. She aims to extend her knowledge of the international system and has a deep interest in the in intersection of politics and economics.

Dikshya Devkota (Associate and Editor, Nepal, currently Champaign, Illinois) – Pursues a Master’s in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. Research on biodiversity conservation funding and gender norm diffusion in conservation.


Brian Pennington (Webdesigner, Austin TX) – Front End developer who has spent time as a print and web designer over the years. Like most folks of his breed he loves investigating new technologies and a good challenge. Manages the Website of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk Radio Show.

Dama Awadallah (Graphic Designer, A modern day Nomad from LA) – A medical doctor turned world traveling artist and craftswoman. Has been supporting us with graphic design.


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