Council on Energy, Environment and Water

Founding Year: 2010

Staff: 73

Budget:  $1.8m

Arunabha Ghosh (Founder & CEO)

A non-partisan think tank. It works towards “the use, reuse, and misuse of resources” employing a mixed approach that gathers “data, integrated analysis, and strategic outreach” with an international scope to influence public and private institutions and engage with the wider public. The founder’s aim was to establish a “globally engaged policy research organisation which would analyse and advise on critical questions on energy, environment and water, not as disparate issues but as inter-connected concerns.” It also serves as a “platform for people with different skills to come together, pursue their interests and build careers in public policy.”

Focus Areas:



  • Sustainable Agriculture in India 2021: What We Know and How to Scale Up – “The study identifies 16 SAPSs – including agroforestry, crop rotation, rainwater harvesting, organic farming, and natural farming – using agroecology as an investigative lens. Based on an in-depth review of 16 practices, it concludes that sustainable agriculture is far from mainstream in India.”
  • Mapping India’s Energy Subsidies 2020 (April 2020, 76p) – This report “examines how India’s energy subsidy policies changed, the most significant developments in the dynamic energy policy environment and whether public support aligned with India’s desired energy future.”
  • Energy Safety Nets: India Case Study (February 2020, 69p) – This study is “first-of-its-kind research to inform best practices at the intersection of energy policy and social assistance to protect very poor, vulnerable and marginalised people.”


  • An online calendar of past and upcoming webinars, conferences, dialogues, and panels



Council on Energy, Environment and Water contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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