Frequently Asked Questions

The Security and Sustainability Guide

General Questions

What is the Sustability and Security Guide (SSG)?

The SSG is a repository and membership platform for organizations. It seeks to identify and briefly describe international organizations, and nation-oriented organizations of possible international interest, that are focused on the two basic human goals of security and sustainability.

How can I use the Guide?

You can use the guide to find other organizations that are working on issue’s within your area of interest. We have also included the organizations contact details in case you’d like to get in touch with them.

How can I search through the guide?

We have a search option, where you can search for relevant topics. We also have various Indexes, which organise the organisations into specific categories. To find out more, go to the ‘Navigating Content‘ section on this page.

Who can submit organizations to the Guide?

If you have an organisation that fits our criteria, and are able to access the required information, you can submit an organisation to the guide. To find out more, visit the ‘Submitting Content‘ section on this page.

Who can claim a listing?

To successfully claim a listing, you need to provide proof that you are an authorized member of that organization. Registering your account with an organizational email address is usually enough. If you don’t have one, please provide other proof.


Can I become a member of the Guide?

Anyone with an interest in global issues such as sustainability and human security are welcome to become a member of the Guide. This process is mostly interesting for organization representatives that want to maintain their listing, and writers that want to contribute actively. 

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by registering here.

As a member of the Guide, what can I do?

As a member, you can claim listings, propose changes to the listing of your organization. 

Everyone can submit new organizations or contribute in other ways to the guide (e.g. writing guest posts).

I see my organisation in the Guide, how do I claim the listing?

To claim the listing of an organization you have to navigate to the page of the Organization. The easiest way is to type its name into the Page Search. Once you found your organization click on the blue “Claim this listing” button. 

How do I navigate through the Guide?

The SSG has thousands of entries, and we have tried to make the navigation process as seamless and efficient as possible, updating it frequently to root out any kinks in the system. 
If you want to browse through the website, we have a number of indices, which aim to organize the information.
We also have a powerful search functionality.
Feel free to propose changes and additional functionalities. 

How has the Guide been organised?

We have organised the information into different indexes;

  • The detailed Subject Index that categorizes organizations according to the field they are working on.
  • The Organization Type Index, that sorts Organizations according to what their primary vehicle of change is (What are they working with, rather what are they working on).
  • The Geographic Focus Index that sorts Organizations based on where they carry out their work, not where they are based. This should help you to identify Organizations in working in certain geographic areas.
  • The SDG Index (Beta Version for Notable Organizations) that shows organizations based on the SDGs they are consciously or subconsciously working towards. This categorization has been created through Natural Language Processing with the help of the Global Goals Directory.



How do I use the Search Function?

When you search for a term, the results will appear on a new page. Click here to get directly to the search page. In order to refine your search, you can use the search filters.

Content Type:

We have a range of content in the SSG. So when you are filtering through the information you can choose to view our curated content:
– Organisations or just the Notable Organisations
Notable Reports
– Notable Individuals

You can also choose to view content that has been created by our team:
– Quick Looks
– Reviews

Organisation Type:

If you choose to view our organisations/ notable organisations, you can filter the results further by choosing the type of organisation that you are looking for.

Subject Filter:

It allows you to find abstracts that are related to  more specific fields.  We have parent and child categories to help organise and filter the abstracts

Geographic Filter:

  • It allows you to choose the area that they are targeting for change. Within this filter, you can choose organisations that target:
    –  Biomes
    –  Specific continents/ areas within the continent
    – Global, International, National, Subnational
    – GeoFocus unspecified/ irrelevant

Submitting content

How do I submit an organisation to the Guide?

To submit your organization to our database, you will need to fill in this form.  Please read our guidelines before you fill the form in and submit your organization for approval.

What is the Submission Process?

You will need to fill in a form for us to review.
If your organisation meets our criteria, and all the required information has been provided, we’ll include your organisation in the Guide.

What information do I need to include with my submission?

We have compiled a guide with all the information that you will need to include with your submission.


Can I submit a Notable Report?

For now, you are welcome to contact us with suggestions. We are looking into ways for you to submit Notable Reports straight to the Guide. 

Can I submit a Notable Individual?

For now, you are welcome to contact us with suggestions. We are looking into ways for you to submit Notable Individuals straight to the Guide.