Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Project
(2006; Washington; 91 staff;

CRP, a non-profit organization founded by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, is focused on climate change advocacy and education. It strives to “catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis” by stressing the urgency of this issue and advocating a universal shift to clean energy. It conducts trainings where it empowers and equips people with the necessary tools, network, and know-how to “fight for solutions and drive change planet-wide.” CRP brings together citizens from all over the world through social media, global broadcasts, events and other initiatives to push word leaders to action for a clean-energy economy.


  • 100% Committed: a campaign to encourage people to take action by helping their communities switch to 100% renewable electricity.
  • Climate Reality Campus Corps: prepares Climate Reality Leaders to communicate and conduct effective advocacy events within their local communities.
  • The Road to Paris: informs the public of the stakes at COP 21 and gives them a say in the negotiations while stressing the importance of pushing for limiting emissions.
  • 24 Hours of Reality: “aims to spark a global conversation about climate change, and provide the solution moving forward.”



  • Reality Drop: an interactive online library designed to rebut he most common climate change myths.

Leadership: Al Gore (Founder & Chairman), Ken Berlin (CEO & President)
Budget: $ 17.3m~

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