Berghof Foundation

Founding Year: 1971

Staff: 117

Budget: €9,961m (2019)

Andrew Gilmour and Andrea Joras (Executive Directors)

An independent and non-profit organization working to “prevent political and social violence and to achieve sustainable peace around the world.” It combines “regional experience with thematic expertise on cutting-edge issues to create the conditions for conflict stakeholders and actors to constructively engage with one another and ultimately peace.”

Themes areas:


  • E-Library – It contains “research papers and series of educational materials, covering all aspects of conflict transformation and peace promotion.”
  • Newsletter
  • Projects
  • News
  • Impact Stories
    • Berghof Glossary (December 2018, 170 p.) – Revisits the main principles and approaches used by Berghof “to support people and conflict parties around the world. “
    • Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation – “Offers a continuously updated online publication platform for both academics and practitioners to review the state of the art, discuss new ideas and exchange experiences in the field of conflict transformation.”
    • Handbook Dialogues – “Includes one lead article on a topic. Four or five other experts, from a range of perspectives, then contribute shorter responses to that article.”
    • National Dialogue Handbook (May 2017, 320 p.) – Presents a series of contemporary case studies “bringing together insights and expertise from diverse regions.” In doing so, it seeks to “present systematic reflections and offer practical advice.”



Berghof Foundation contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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