The Center for Victims of Torture

Founding Year: 1985

Staff: 135


Curt Goering (Executive Director)

Founded by Rudy Perpich, former Governor of Minnesota, CVT is the world’s largest organization specializing in rehabilitative care for survivors of torture in the US, Africa, and Middle East (44% of refugees living in the US are torture survivors—some 1.3 million people). In addition to rehabilitation of victims, CVT advocates for their rights, and has a program on “New Tactics in Human Rights”.  Provided services to ~24K people in 2016. Partners with 39 US and 6 international organizations.


  • Healing of torture victims
  • Training for health workers
  • Research on torture related topics
  • Advocacy against torture
  • Giving victims a voice



The Center for Victims of Torture contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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