Glion Colloquium

Glion Colloquium (1998; Glion, Switzerland;

A bi-annual forum where university researchers, business and government leaders consider together the role that research universities should play in addressing planetary challenges and opportunities. The program for each colloquium is organized by a different committee but overlooked by the three co-chairs. Representative issues considered: challenges of the new millennium, governance of universities, the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of teaching and research, the globalization of higher education, the relationship between universities and industry, the role of university research in driving innovation, and ways to address the challenges of global sustainability. Sponsors include the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Forum Themes:

  • 2019 – The contrasting responses of Higher Education worldwide in promoting sustainable development
  • 2017 – The Future of the University
  • 2015 – University Priorities and Constraints


Leadership: Co-chaired by Luc E. Weber (Univ. of Geneva), Werner Z. Hirsch (Univ. of California), James J. Duderstadt (Univ. of Michigan)

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