Under2 Coalition (2015; London, Sacramento; 65 staff; under2coalition.org)

A subnational coalition of more than 220 state and regional governments who represent over 1.3 billion people and nearly 40% of the global economy. Their goal is to keep global temperature rises below 2°C. Their secretariat is based at The Climate Group (London).


  • Deep decarbonization pathway planning
  • Scaling innovative decarbonization policy solutions
  • Mainstreaming transparency in decarbonization reporting


  • Future Fund – Empowering developing and emerging economy regions to accelerate climate action
  • The Under2 Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Project supports state and regional governments to increase the number of zero emission vehicles on their roads
  • 2050 Pathways – supports governments to plan an achievable path towards net-zero emissions
  • Annual Disclosure – provides a transparent, global picture of the impact, progress and climate action driven by state and regional governments.


Leadership: Subaskar Sitsabeshan (Head of Global Government Relations)