INFORM Covid-19 Risk Index

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June 6, 2020

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An “experimental adaptation” of the annual INFORM Epidemic Risk Index in face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It surveys “countries at risk from health and humanitarian impacts of COVID-19 that could overwhelm current national response capacity, and therefore lead to a need for additional international assistance”. It can be used as a guideline for “prioritization of preparedness and early response actions for the primary impacts of the pandemic, and identify countries where secondary impacts are likely to have the most critical humanitarian consequences.”
Their Ranking system ranks by risk from 1 (highest risk – Central African Republic) to 189 (lowest risk – Liechtenstein).

Their assessment is based on 3 Dimensions, 5 categories, 10 components, and many sub-components:

Dimension Category Components
  • Hazard & Exposure
  • Person to person
  • Population
  • WaSH
  • Vulnerability
  • Covid-19 Vulnerability
  • Movement (25%)
  • Behaviour (25%)
  • Demographic and Comorbidities (50%)


  • INFORM Vulnerability
  • Socio-Economic Vulnerability
  • Vulnerable Groups
  • Lack of coping capacity
  • Covid-19 Lack of coping capacity
  • Health Capacity
  • INFORM Lack of coping capacity
  • Institutional
  • Infrastructure


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