World Business Council for Sustainable Development

In Brief

1992, Geneva; 200 corporate members


(1992, Geneva;

“Business Solutions for a Sustainable World.” Seeks to demonstrate “environmental protection coupled with economic growth.” Some corporate 200 members are drawn from >35 countries and 20 major industrial sectors, involving some 1,000 business leaders globally. The Council also comprises a Regional Network of 60 national and regional partner organizations – called Business Councils for Sustainable Development (BCSDs) – mostly located in developing countries. The WBCSD Tool Box introduces “tools, methodologies and principles that aim to support member companies’ sustainability journey.” Vision 2050, a best-case scenario for sustainability, calls for incorporating costs of externalities, halting deforesting, low-carbon energy systems, doubling food production, and improved energy efficiency. Action 2020 platform for action discusses Issues and Solutions regarding natural capital, financial capital, social reporting, and capacity building. President: Peter Bakker.

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