Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms

In Brief

2014, Paris


(2014, Paris;

Focused on 3 economic issues in “the transition to the Anthropocene”: 1) Renewing economic thought; 2) Adapting the current economic system to requirements of the era; 3) Mastering the technical expertise of sectors involved (transportation, energy, agriculture, housing, production system, etc.) sufficiently to understand their interdependencies and to know how to involve specialists in the work on policy proposals. The International Initiative for Rethinking the Economy (IRE) is a major program. Themes: Currency and Finance, Territories (i.e., the spatial inscription of economies), Trade Patterns, Regulation of Goods and Services; Institutional Arrangements; Economic Theories and Thought. Sponsors a range of activities, seminars, colloquia and events, e.g., The International Monetary System and Peace. Publishes books (e.g., Economists and Ecology: From the Physiocrats to Stiglitz), working papers, magazines, a blog and a newsletter. In partnership with a number of institutions, e.g., Tellus, the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College, the Heterodox Economics Newsletter, Economists for Peace and Security, etc.. Significant funding from Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Man. Chairman: Philippe Frémeaux (current Chairman, Alternatives Économiques, France); Vice-Chairman: James Galbraith, (president of Economists for Peace and Security, USA). Associated scholars: 9; Executive staff: Wojtek Kalinowski and Aurore Lalucq.

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