US-China Clean Energy Research Center

US-China Clean Energy Research Center
(2009; 16 staff;

Is a partnership between the Chinese National Energy Agency and the United States’ Department of Energy. It was initiated in 2009 and renewed in 2014. CERC is equally funded by the United States and China so each consortium is led by an American and a Chinese research organization with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory leading the U.S. participation in the program. With the help of over 71 research and industry partners, it aims to achieve a large scale adoption of low energy buildings across both the U.S. and China by “by providing a supportive platform for collaborative research, protecting intellectual property, and encouraging top scientists and engineers in both countries to join forces.” CERC also holds Intellectual Property workshops for its participants in order to help them understand each the laws and practices impacting IP rights in the U.S. and China.

Research areas:

  • Advanced Coal Technology Consortium
  • Clean Vehicles Consortium
  • Building Energy Efficiency Consortium
  • Energy‐Water Consortium



Leadership: Robert Marlay (CERC U.S. Director)
Budget: $ 14.15 (2016)

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