UN Counter Terrorism Centre

UN Counter Terrorism Centre
( 2011; un.org/counterterrorism)

Is considered to be the “first major institutional reform undertaken by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres” striving to “promote international counter-terrorism cooperation and support Member States in the implementation of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy through a voluntary contribution of the Government of Saudi Arabia.”


  • Provide “leadership on the General Assembly counter-terrorism mandates.”
  • Enhance “coordination and coherence across the Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact entities.”
  • Strengthen the delivery of United Nations counter-terrorism capacity-building assistance to Member States”.
  • Improve “visibility, advocacy and resource mobilization for United Nations counter-terrorism efforts.”
  • Ensure that “due priority is given to counterterrorism across the United Nations system.”


Leadership: Vladimir Voronkov (Under Secretary General for Counter-Terrorism)
Budget: $ 15.5m (2019)

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