Stockholm Environment Institute

In Brief

1989, Stockholm; 180 staff in 6 countries


(1989, Stockholm;

“Bridging Science and Policy” by supporting decision-making and inducing change towards sustainable development around the world, and by providing integrative knowledge that bridges science and policy in the field of environment and development.” Four research themes: 1) Managing Environmental Systems (for growing population, rapid urbanization, and increasing consumption); 2) Reducing Climate Risk (stressing benefits of a low-carbon future); 3) Transforming Governance (to improve livelihoods, sustainability, and resilience); 4) Rethinking Development (alternative for a sustainable future, from planetary to local scale). Hosts Climate and Development journal (published by Taylor & Francis) and is a partner in the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate (Dec 2014) flagship report on The New Climate Economy. Also publishes an Annual Report and a Five-Year Strategy. 180 staff in seven offices in six countries. Executive Director: Johan L. Kuylenstierna.

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