Project Ploughshares

In Brief

1976, Waterloo, Ontario; a secure world without war; human security


(1976, Waterloo, Ontario;

“Breaking the Cycle of War.” Seeks a secure world without war and a just world at peace. An agency of The Canadian Council of Churches, with connection to the World Council of Churches. Five Programs: Nuclear Weapons, Armed Conflicts, Space Security (seeking non-weaponization), Conventional Weapons (seeking stronger Canadian export controls), and Defence and Human Security (reducing gun violence in the Caribbean; promoting peace in the Horn of Africa). Publishes a quarterly journal, an e-newsletter, fact sheets, slideshows, annual reports, and worship resources (sermons, prayers for peace). Co-Founders: Murray Thompson and Ernie Regher (Board Members of Canadian Pugwash); Executive Director: John Seibert; 8 staff. [NoteThe Ploughshares Monitor is Canada’s most respected peace journal. DH]

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