Oakland Institute

In Brief

2004, Oakland CA; 18 staff/fellows; reframing security, hum rts, env


(2004, Oakland CA; www.oaklandinstitute.org)

A policy think tank “to increase public participation and promote fair debate on critical social, economic and environmental issues in both national and international forums.” The Institute works in coalitions and networks (including faith-based participants, farm workers, immigrant rights groups, and black farmers) to strengthen social movements. Engages in three main areas of interrelated work: 1) bringing a social and economic human rights lens to organizing and policy work; 2) reframing the debate on security; and 3) building strategic alliances to strengthen popular struggles nationally and internationally. The Fellows Program focuses on investigative and organizing opportunities to create “an international echo chamber for progressive ideas, where a critical mass of thinkers, writers, and practitioners can reinforce one another’s proposals.” Fellows, are a “mix of well-known people with proven track records, and commentators who are beginning to speak and write on important topics, individuals working on their first books, and journalists and researchers working on ground -breaking reports.” The objective is “to carry the alternative narrative to the mainstream”. Current issues include: land rights, high food prices, sustainable food systems, foreign investment, international aid, trade agreements, climate change, and the World Bank’s “neoliberal agenda.” Many reports and policy briefs on each of these topics are available via the website. A number of foundations fund the Institute’s ~$400K yearly budget.  Anuradha Mittal, Founder and Executive Director.  5 Staff, 11 fellows, and 13 research interns.

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