Nature Conservancy

In Brief

Arlington VA; works in 35 countries; $600m annual budget


(1951, Arlington VA;

The world’s “leading conservation organization…to protect ecologically important lands and waters.” It has >1 million members, a $600M annual budget, and works in 35 countries. Five core values underpin the mission of “conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends”: irreproachable integrity; respect for people, communities, and cultures, (including a commitment to non-confrontational behavior); commitment to diversity; being one organization working together in local places and across borders to achieve our global mission; achieving tangible, lasting results. “Partners in conservation” include governmental agencies (e.g., USDA), corporations (e.g., Coca-Cola), non-profits (e.g., Toledo Institute for Development and Environment), local stakeholders (e.g., fishermen), indigenous and traditional communities, and multi-lateral and bi-lateral institutions (e.g., the World Wildlife Federation). Habitats of concern: 1) freshwater rivers and lakes (50% of the world’s population will face water shortages within 20 years); 2) oceans and coasts (supporting nearly 50% of all species on Earth); 3) forests; 4) grasslands and prairies; 5) deserts and arid lands. Publishes Nature Conservancy Magazine bi-monthly. Staff includes >600 affiliated scientists. President and CEO: Mark Tercek.

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