Laka Architektura

Laka Architektura (2015; Silesia, Poland;

Architecture for sustainable societies. Gathers a team of architects and engineers, focused mostly on design of public and industrial facilities as well as advisory activities. Provides financial support for the activities of the tightly connected Laka Foundation, a worldwide network focused on social impact via design and architecture that holds the “Architecture that Reacts” competition. The competition emphasizes the role of architecture in solving social and environmental problems. They envision architecture that helps develop sustainable and safe societies through responsible and collaborative design.  Since 2015 three winning designs are selected out of hundreds of participants.


  • Laka Perspective 21 interviews with renowned experts in architecture, urban planning, computational design, digital fabrication, smart materials, mobility, biomimicry and more. (2018).

Leadership: Damian Przybyła (Founder)

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