InterAction Council

In Brief

1983, Tokyo, Toronto, etc.; peace/security, universal ethical standards


(1983, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Berlin;

Mission: mobilize the experience, energy and international contacts of a group of statesmen who have held the highest office in their own countries in fostering international co-operation and action in three priority areas: Peace and Security, World Economic Revitalization, and Universal Ethical Standards. Publications include The Global Water Crisis: Addressing an Urgent Security Issue
12), The Hiroshima Declaration: A Plea for Zero Nuclear Weapons
10), and A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities
97), with 19 Articles on fundamental principles for humanity, non-violence and respect for life, justice and solidarity, truthfulness and tolerance, and mutual respect and partnership. Co-Chairmen: Dr. Franz Vranitzky (Chancellor of Austria, 1986-1997) and Jean Chretien (Prime Minister of Canada, 1993-2003); Secretary-General, 2011-present: Thomas S. Axworthy (Canada).

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