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2012, Annan, Ontario; arm of GlobeScan consultants; “a sust and just world for all”; Hope Index (in 12 countries; Regeneration Roadmap; Freedom Index


(2012, Annan, Ontario;

“Helps clients measure, understand, and build valuable relationships with their stakeholders, and to work collaboratively in delivering a sustainable and equitable future.” Clients in 12 economic sectors include multinational and regional companies, industry associations, multilateral organizations, major NGOs, and governments. GlobeScan has been tracking trends among stakeholders and the general public across 25 countries for over two decades. It claims to “have the largest longitudinal databases in the world, providing unparalleled corporate radar for clients intent on understanding the world and their place in it.” For example, the GlobeScan Radar Program involves interviews with nearly 50,000 citizens across five continents each year and thousands of experts and stakeholders. GlobeScan uses its information and insight to help organizations identify, engage, and collaborate with their stakeholders through five core practice areas: Reputation, Brand, Sustainability, Engagement, and Trends to build trust and alignment on sustainability strategy. Some clients, e.g., Unilever’s Sustainable Living Lab, hire GlobeScan to run and evaluate programs, in this case an online moderated dialogue involving 1,000 sustainability experts worldwide to find tangible solutions to the challenges of reducing environmental impacts in the home. Others, like Siemens, sponsors research used by government, e.g., an analysis produced for the US Conference of Mayors of how cities can continue to make advances in sustainability in difficult economic times.

Also funds a non-commercial arm, The GlobeScan Foundation
(2012, Annan, Ontario), dedicated to applying social science to help solve humanity’s challenges through polling, convening conversations among experts, and inventing and using engagement processes to encourage “mass collaboration” problem solving. 40 staff. Founder and Chair: Doug Miller.

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