Global TechnoPolitics Forum

Global TechnoPolitics Forum (2019, Canoga Park, CA; Think tank built around the expertise of Greg Treverton, director of the National Intelligence Council (2014-2017) Based on  several assumptions:

  • “Technological advances both drive and exacerbate global and national trends. The interaction is ushering in radical socio-political transformations that are altering geopolitics in ways not well understood — but ones with potential for irreversible consequences for the existing international configuration and for the legitimacy of nation-states in governing.
  • The frontiers of these technological advances are envisioned and controlled by the private sector and innovative individuals, especially the tech giants. Increasingly, these unelected entities are becoming powerful, independent geopolitical actors.
  • Nation-states are not about to go away, but the global pandemic underscored that cities, states, and regions are also emerging as important geopolitical actors, often in transnational groupings.

Notable Reports:

  • Addressing Hybrid Threats (2019, 92p), including: propaganda, domestic media outlets, social media, fake news, strategic leaks, funding of organizations, political parties, organized protest movements, oligarchs, religious institutions, cyber tools, economics leverage, proxies, unacknowledged war, paramilitary organizations.


  • Globalization and Geopolitics
  • The Future of Democracy
  • Sustainability

Staff and Budget: 2 staff; budget unknown.

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