Global Climate Forum

Global Climate Forum
(2001; Berlin; 29 staff;

Is an “an association of institutes, companies, NGOs and individual researchers.” It conducts research on controversial climate change issues “in close interaction with stakeholders” with the aim of producing analyses that advance their “state of knowledge in critical areas.” By providing a “platform for joint studies and science-based stakeholder dialogues on climatic change,” GCF strives to reach a sustainable development path by providing “arguments for long-term climate mitigation and adaptation policies.”

Work areas:

  • Adaptation and Social Learning: aims to “support climate change adaptation through the analysis of actors, networks, institutions, decisions, risks and opportunities involved in the process of adaptation.”
  • Green Growth: aims to “investigate the complex dynamics of rule evolution and equilibrium selection to identify win-win options that achieve emissions reductions while overcoming poverty and unemployment.”
  • Integrated Risk Governance: aims to “provide insights on how government structures can be improved for tackling large-scale synergistic risks.”


Leadership: Dr. Carlo Jaeger (Chairman & Director)

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