Global Climate Forum

In Brief

Berlin; 50 staff; global systems dynamics


(2001, Berlin;

“An association of institutes, companies, NGOs and individual researchers that works in the network of governments, corporations and social movements to produce innovative research on climate change.” Topics of interest for GCF joint studies include: 1) questions related to green growth (promotes the German Green Growth Model); 2) global aspects of the interaction between climate change and the socio-economic system; 3) regional impacts of climate change; 4) economic and political instruments for controlling greenhouse gas emissions; 5) technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions; 6) CO2 sequestration; 7) adaptation and social learning; 8) integrated risk governance. Resources include working papers and Lagom regiO, a downloadable agent-based model for representing economic systems with several heterogeneous regions – the economy of Germany, the Mediterranean Region, and the world – over a time horizon of one to several decades. Hosts a variety of events, e.g., “Investment-oriented climate policy”. 19 staff. Chair: Prof. Dr. Carlo Jaeger.

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