Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

(2017; Fredericton, NB, Canada; 21 staff including  7 faculty;

Brings together “researchers in the social sciences, business, computer science, engineering, law and science to share innovative ideas and create disruptive technology related to cybersecurity challenges of our time.” Focuses on “problem solving research, and intellectual property generation to enable the development of information and network security solutions for the evolving data-intensive cyber domain.”
Seeks to “address practical security problems that cyberspace infrastructure face in ensuring their survivability, reliability, and performance objectives under malicious and uncertain environments.”
Co-organizes the ‘Privacy, Security and Trust conference’.


  • Cybersecurity Certificate Programs
  • Bachelor of computer science with specialization in cybersecurity
  • Master of applied cybersecurity


  • Scientific articles, books, conference papers etc.
  • HIGHLIGHT: 13 malware and security datasets that are necessary for defenses against frequent network attacks, mal- and spyware, botnet abuse etc.

Leadership: Ali Ghorbani (Director)

Budget: ~ $4.5m (2017)

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