Bank Track

Bank Track (2003; Nijmegen, Netherlands; 13 staff;

An “international tracking, campaigning and CSO support organisation targeting private sector commercial banks (‘banks’) and the activities they finance. We are an integral part of the global community of CSOs focused on the financial sector as a whole (multilateral and national development banks, export credit agencies, private and institutional investors, etc.).
They monitor “dodgy deals” and human right violations in the financial sector, publicly campaign against them and publish the results.


  • Blog
  • A library of 200+ reports
  • HIGHLIGHT: Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card (April 2013, 110p.) – This 10th edition of the annual fossil fuel finance report card, greatly expanded in scope, reveals the paths banks have taken in the past three years since the Paris Agreement was adopted, and finds that overall bank financing continues to be aligned with climate disaster.

Leadership: Johan Frijns (Director), Michelle Chan ( Chair)
Budget: ~$420k (2018)

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