REACH Program
(2015; University of Oxford; 6 staff, 110 global affiliates

An interdisciplinary “global research programme to improve water security for the poor by delivering world-class science that transforms policy and practice.”

They particularly focus on the connection between poverty and water security. Variables impacting water security of individuals or even whole nations are “rapid urban growth, unregulated pollution from industry, extreme floods and droughts, lack of reliable and safe drinking water, and increasing damage to water ecosystems”.

Water security is tightly tied with a possibility for sustainable growth and poverty reduction.  REACH seeks to find better evidence “to guide institutional and infrastructure investments which unlock growth opportunities and help people move out of poverty.”

They are funded by UKaid, have partnerships with national research institutions in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, and have teamed up with UNICEF for design and implementation


  • Water and sanitation
  • Climate extremes
  • Water ecosystems


  • A library of research reports, papers, and articles

Leadership: Rob Hope (Programme Co-Director), Katrina Charles (Programme Co-Director)