Peace Research Institute Oslo

Founding Year: 1959

Staff: 199

Budget: NOK 122,994m (2019)

Henrik Urdal (Director)

A non-profit research institute engaged actively in teaching and training connecting to various areas, such as with international academic networks, multilateral organizations, governmental agencies, and civil society actors. Moreover, it “collects and maintains statistical data on peace and conflict, and serves as a data hub for researchers worldwide”. It owns and hosts the editorial offices of two international peer-reviewed journals, Journal of Peace Research and Security Dialogue, and houses the editors of International Area Studies Review and the Journal of Military Ethics.

In particular, conducts “research on the conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups, and people.” It “explores  how conflicts erupt and how they can be resolved.” Besides, it ”investigates the effects of different kinds of violence, and examines “how societies tackle crises.” Hence, PRIO “seeks to understand processes” by “documenting general trends” and “informing concrete responses”.

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Peace Research Institute Oslo contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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