Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Founding Year: 1982

Staff: 79

Budget: £1.7m (2020)

Bassam Fattouh (Director)

A research institute that through multi-disciplinary expertise produces “unique analyses of topical global energy issues across production, consumption, markets, policy and regulation.” They specialise in “advanced research into the economics and geopolitics of the energy transition and international energy across oil, gas and electricity markets.” Participates in workshops and presentations at major international conferences while its “expertise and advice is frequently called on direct interactions with governments, industry, policymakers, regulators and academics.”








    • Energy Transition Research Initiative – A series of “research modules on topics that are relevant to the energy transition with particular focus on the process and implications of shifting from the existing hydrocarbon-dominated energy economy to a new system in which low-carbon energy sources and abated use of hydrocarbons will play a much greater role.”






Oxford Institute for Energy Studies contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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