New Nile Co

Founding Year: 1977



Carl Hodges (Founder)

This foundation has engaged in many years of research and implementation of seawater agriculture and aquaculture technologies. Seawater represents 97% of the world’s water supply – a virtually unlimited resource.  They invest in desert greening with seawater agriculture and encourage mangroves and other halophytes for carbon sequestration.


  • Integrated Seawater Agriculture System – allows the production of mass volumes of biofuels and food, without using freshwater, chemical fertilizers or a single hectare of arable land.
  • Red Sea Project – combining Egypt’s abundant resources of desert land, untreated seawater and labor to address many of these national and global challenges
  • Seawater Farms Bahia Kino (SFBK) introduces a new technology of integrated aquaculture, agriculture and forestry activity utilizing seawater effluent from existing shrimp farms on the coast of the Gulf of California to irrigate salt-tolerant crops and produce additional products for feeding both people and farm animals.


New Nile Co contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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