Founding Year: 2011

Staff: 18


Gerard Baron (CEO)

DeepGreen intends to mine essential battery metals — cobalt, nickel, copper, manganese — from polymetallic nodules that sit on the deep ocean floor. They have developed this form of mining as the least environmentally damaging source of these metals.
Within a decade they wish to move to recycling battery metals, to facilitate the transition to the closed-loop world. Partnerships with like-minded EV and battery manufacturers committed to a circular supply chain are part of this goal.

An extensive FAQ page with video Q&A covers many of the issues involved with this complex endeavor.

Note: Dr. Stone is a renowned ocean scientist, deep-sea explorer, author, and conservationist. Among many other positions, he served as Senior Science Advisor for the World Economic Forum.

DeepGreen contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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