Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

Founding Year: 2005

Staff: 76


Dr. Kenrick Leslie (Executive Director)

The CCCCC claims to be the only regional institution established specifically to address the impacts of Climate Change. It is affiliated with the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) and operates as one of its agencies. Its main purpose is to support the Caribbean Community overcome its high susceptibility to climate change by providing it with the necessary intel and know-how needed to enhance its response and adaptation to this phenomenon. It is recognized by the United Nations and other international agencies as one of the few Centers of Excellence as well as the focal point for climate change issues in the Caribbean. They work in partnership with regional and international governments, organizations, and several UN Programs.


  • Provision of timely forecasts and analyses of any possibly dangerous impacts of climatic changes on the environment to the pubic.
  • Provision of climate-change related policy advice and guidelines to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States.
  • Development of special programs meant to create opportunities for sustainable development.
  • Educating the Caribbean youth on climate change and preparing them for the challenges ahead.


  • Providing climate change information to key national and regional organizations, agencies or individuals to ensure informed and responsible decision-making.
  • Project Development and Support of national governments or institutions as as an Accredited Regional Implementing Entity.
  • Consultancy services for any projects related to climate change.
  • Joint venture services with the public and private sectors on projects pertaining to the research and development of renewable energy.


  • Clearing House Search Tool: an online archive and information exchange system on climate change-related issues.
  • CCoral Risk Management Tool: is an online support system for climate resilient decision-making.
  • Knowledge Navigator: is a project that has developed a web-based Widget which aids users in their search for appropriate climate change platforms.
  • The Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS): the data from these stations allows the development of climate models and ecological forecasting in coral reef ecosystems.
  • The CARIWIG Portal: provides information and datasets on the observed present climate as well as predictions of the future climate.




Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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