Asia Foundation, The (1954, San Francisco;

A “nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. Informed by six decades of experience and deep local expertise, our work across the region addresses five overarching goals—strengthen governance, empower women, expand economic opportunity, increase environmental resilience, and promote regional cooperation.”



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  • A library of reports, research, paper, summaries, etc.
  • HIGHLIGHT: The State of Conflict and Violence in Asia (2017, 264p.)- “In response to critical gaps in existing conflict data, The State of Conflict and Violence in Asia presents a concise, evidence-based overview of the complexity of violence in 14 Asian countries, including some of the most entrenched and complex places in the world.”

Leadership: David D. Arnold (President, CEO), Sunder Ramaswamy (Chair of the Board)
Budget: ~$95m (2018)