American Renewable Energy Institute

Founding Year: 2003

Staff: 10


Chip Comins (Founder, Chairman, CEO)

A national non-profit that aims “to advance the rapid implementation of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the speed and scale necessary to provide solutions of both the environmental and economic crises currently facing humankind and the planet.”

Programs / Projects: 

  • AREDAY – Also called the “Davos of Clean and Renewable Energy”, this annual summit tries to provide “a platform for high level cross-sector networking that results in investments, collaborations, strategic alliances and new initiatives.”
  • Startup Green – Opens the AREI network “to startups creating an environment that facilitates introductions, fosters relationships and provides knowledge essential to kick start companies and grow the low carbon economy.”
  • AREDAY Expo – A “showcase for local, regional and national organizations and companies with a focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable initiatives, or eco-friendly products that will also include workshops, guest speakers and music.”
  • American Climate and Energy Literacy Initiative (ACELI) – Aims to accelerate the partnership between industry, community colleges and public education to create core curriculum, both online and classroom, that results in the implementation of jobs in the clean technology sector.
  • RENEW – A retrofit of the built environment to a carbon neutral or net zero standard, moving toward the ultimate goal of carbon or net positive buildings.
  • Borincana Foundation – A recently formed non-profit focused on accelerating the energy infrastructure transformation of Puerto Rico for the benefit of its people and the people of the world.
  • IMPACT FILM™ – A series “Solution-Oriented Action Based Films” screenings that are deemed
  • Climate Constellation – “A Global Climate Matrix where the wisdom of solution generated at the AREDAY is paid forward to connecting nodes of sustainability around the planet.”



American Renewable Energy Institute contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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