Agora Energiewende

Founding year: 2012

Staff: 49


Dr. Patrick Graichen (Executive Director)

Established by Mercator Foundation and the European Climate Foundation (ECF) to support Germany’s intention to build an energy system almost entirely based on renewables.  To achieve this, a joint definition of the challenges, a clear understanding of the possible solutions, and a concrete concept of the next steps are needed. Drafting all of these – in conjunction with the relevant players – is a challenge that must be tackled in the next few years.  Works with 73 partners.

Featured Projects:

  • The EU Power Sector in 2018 – Energy transition in the European electricity sector
  • Sustainable Industry – Development and commercialization of key decarbonizing technologies
  • Electric Vehicles and Power Grids – The cost of integrating electric vehicles in power distribution grids
  • Grids for Renewables – Action plan for ensuring Germany’s power grid can accommodate 65% renewable energy by 2030



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