African Water Facility

Founding Year: 2004

Staff: 10

Budget: ~€4.42m

Mohamed El Azizi (Director)

Provides grants and expert technical assistance to implement innovative water projects and raise investment for water projects throughout Africa. Managed by the African Development Bank and has incepted 104 projects in 52 countries, including Africa’s most vulnerable states. Among its range of objectives, the AWF supports projects that aim at building resilience to climate change and promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Many projects use cutting-edge and innovative solutions that can help countries overcome the new water-related challenges presented by climate change, and reduce pollution that causes global warming. As part of its climate change strategy, the AWF prioritizes projects that feature water harvesting, conservation, storage, recycling and re-use, and the use of renewable energy to power water stations and infrastructure.  Raised 151 million Euros for projects since inception and AWF funded projects have mobilized more than €1 billion in committed follow-on investments for the broader water sector.


  • Project Preparation – Works with stakeholders to create bankable projects, from initial feasibility studies right through to donor round tables.
  • Water Governance – Supports capacity building to create an environment conducive to investment and ongoing viability.
  • Water Knowledge – Funds the development of water information systems to inform decision-making process and track progress and achievements.
  • Climate Change – Provides grants to water projects that adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.
  • Environmental and Social Protection – Ensures that environmental and social protection is properly considered in each project.
  • Gender and Social Equity – Works with project planners to ensure that gender and social equity are being addressed.




African Water Facility contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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