Union of International Associations

In Brief

1907, Brussels; “Encyclopedia. Of World Problems and Human Potential”; 2000 edition has six databases; re-design begun in 2013


(1907, Brussels; www.uia.org).

Seeks to facilitate understanding of the nature and complexities of the international community of organizations. Best known for its Yearbook of International Organizations and the extensive Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, 1st edition, 1976. The 2000 online edition has six databases: 1) World Problems (56,000 profiles, 277,000 links); 2) Global Strategies and Solutions (32,000 profiles, 284,000 links); 3) Human Values (3300 profiles, 120,000 links); 4) Human Development (4800 profiles,

20,000 links); 5) Patterns and Metaphors (1300 profiles, 4500 links); 6) Integrative Concepts (633 profiles).  A Re-design Project was begun in 2013.  [Note: An awesome

compilation, but can it be useful?  MM]

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