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Amsterdam Global Change Institute

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VU University; Frans Berkhout


(Amsterdam, VU Univ. and UA;

“Integrating Knowledge for Sustainable Societal Choices”.  Investigates interactions between people, socio-economic change, and the global environment. Through focused integrated research, contribute to informing and shaping sustainable societal choices and innovations for Europe and beyond. 33 research leaders (all named on and contactable from the site) have leadership positions in European and international research programs and assessments, and have notable publication records, including high impact and citation scores. Research leaders regularly contribute to societal debates in a multitude of fora, from global to local levels. 11 Research Institutes and 11 Research Centers, with various start dates. Six programs on: 1) Climate science and ecohydrology; 2) Risk analysis/chemistry/genomics; 3) Ecology and ecosystem service assessment; 4) Environmental economics and responses to climate change; 5) Spatial analysis and resources management; and 6) Governance and policy studies. Director: Dr. Frans Berkhout; 250 researchers.

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