V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation

In Brief

1991, NYC; transition to a sust planet


(1991, New York; www.vkrf.org).

Seeks to support the transition to a more environmentally resilient, stable, and sustainable planet. Position: human activities lie at the core of most environmental problems, and human creativity and collaboration are at the heart of solving the problems these activities create. “We believe best practices for promoting sustainability will be most effectively developed through an integrated systems approach and one that furthers the involvement of an informed public in environmental decision making.” Overall themes: climate change, unsustainable consumption, and loss of biodiversity. Provides grants to small or midsize organizations with demonstrated leadership in developing strategy, communicating vision, and effective project performance. Three grant categories: Ecosystems Resilience, Protection and Restoration; Framework of Ecological Stability; and Communication and Leadership (communicating value-based living with sustainable use of water, energy, and food resources; innovative initiatives to enhance international cooperation; knowledge-sharing; and next generation leadership. VKRF has granted some $120m to 120 organizations since 1991. Executive Director: Irene Krarup.

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