United Cities and Local Governments

In Brief

2004, Barcelona; climate chg; City of 2030 manifesto


(2004, Barcelona; www.uclg.org).

Mission: “To be the united voice and world advocate of democratic local self-government, promoting its values, objectives and interests, through cooperation between local governments, and within the wider international community.” Over 1,000 cities and regions from 140 countries and over 110 national associations are part of UCLG network of 7 regional sections. Four action arenas: 1) International Agenda (concerning aid effectiveness, i.e., avoiding a top/down to the delivery of aid, engaging in climate action at the local level, participating in the UN’s Habitat III, establishing a formal advisory relationship to the UN); 2) Local Governance (improvements to basic services entail local government involvement in their provision, which requires human, technical and financial resources; increasing the number of women in local government; predictable intergovernmental transfers to support local government); 3) Cooperation (reinforcing action learning and collaborative efforts between individuals, cities, local governments associations and networks; realizing the goal of developed and developing countries to work together; supporting local economic development; migratory flows between cities and regions); 4) Sustainable Urban Development (articulating principles and commitments of cities and local governments for sustainable cultural development: culture, diversity, creativity; raising awareness and consciousness among their populations in order to reduce the risk of disaster; creating a learning platform for cities to capitalize on their potentials for planning and managing for sustainable urban growth; assuring accessibility to sanitary water.]

Multiple publications including: Annual Reports, Manifesto for the City of 2030, A Toolkit that assists cities and towns to apply overarching strategies to their specific situation, Think Pieces on urban and territorial governance, urban financing, strategic urban planning, land management, inclusive cities and territories, cities as engines of economic development, sustainable environment, culture and sustainable development, decentralized development cooperation, and gender. Publishers of material relevant to UCLG’s agenda are also invited to post their materials. The Presidency is complicated, with five Co-Presidents, including the current Mayors of Paris and Guangzhou. Secretary-General: Josep Roig.

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