REN21/Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century

Institution: UNEP

In Brief

2004, UNEP, Paris;; promotes knowledge exchange and joint action towards a rapid global transition; publishes an interactive map, Renewables Global Status Report 2016, 271p; REN21 Annual Report 2016, 20p; and regional status reports


(2004, Paris;

An international non-profit association based at the UN Environment Programme office in Paris, involving governments, NGOs, research and academic institutions, international organizations and industry to learn from one another and build on successes that advance renewable energy. “To assist policy decision making, REN21 provides high quality information, catalyzes discussion and debate, and supports the development of thematic networks.” Flagship products: 1) Global Status Report (annual overview about the renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments utilizing data provided by an international network of more than 500 contributors, researchers, and authors; also see REN21 10 Year Report (Nov 2014, 48p); 2) Renewables Interactive Map (a multilayer, country-by-country research tool for tracking development of renewable energy worldwide; 3) Regional Status Reports (on state of renewables in West Africa, Middle East and North Africa, India, and China); 4) Renewables Global Futures Report
13, 75p; on credible future possibilities, concluding that there are “excellent prospects” for 80-90% renewable power by 2040-2050, especially due to the explosion of solar PV rooftops); (5) Renewables Academy (a periodic face-to-face and online convening program; in 2014, some 650 participants considered key policy drivers needed to advance a global energy transition.. Also distributes REN21 Annual Report 2014 (18p), a monthly REN21 newsletter, many relevant and detailed charts and graphs, and an archive of press releases and news stories, all available on the website. Secretariat: 9 staff; Chairman: Mohamed El-Ashry; Executive Secretary: Christine Lins.  [Note: The many reports are clearly presented, but the interactive map takes a while to open and is not self-explanatory. No mention is made of nuclear power. MS]

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