MISTRA: Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research

MISTRA: Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research
(2006, Stockholm; 8 staff; wmistra.org/en/)

A Swedish state foundation with the purpose “to fund research of strategic importance for a good living environment.”  It invests in “initiatives in which researchers and users make joint contributions to solving key environmental problems.” MISTRA has completed 51 research programs so far an has 20 active ones.

Research Topics:

  • Climate Change: including societal adaptation and related security and subsistence issues
  • Circular Economy: design, manufacture and use of products in such an economy, including new business models
  • Materials and Production Technology: innovative materials and production technologies to benefit the environment, climate and Sweden’s competitiveness
  • Food and Bioeconomy: optimal use of biological resources within planetary boundaries
  • Cross-cutting opportunities: overarching issues

Leadership: Märtha Josefsson (Chair of asset management), Johan Söderström (Chair of board)
Capital: SEK 3 bn

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