Friends of the Earth

In Brief



(1971, Amsterdam;

The world’s “largest grassroots environmental network” with >2 million FOE members and supporters, and >5,000 local activist groups. “Seeks to change the perception of the public, media and policy makers — and effect policy change — with hard-hitting, well-reasoned policy analysis and advocacy campaigns that describe what needs to be done, rather than what is seen as politically feasible or politically correct.” Five domains of activism: 1) Climate justice and energy (“it’s time to combat climate change and earn royalties for Earth”), 2) Economic justice and resisting neoliberalism (by exposing and challenging “the influence of big corporations and financial institutions, questioning the neoliberal policies promoted by development banks and international institutions, and opposing trade negotiations that focus on market access while undermining people’s needs, community rights and environmental justice”); 3) Food sovereignty; 4) Forests and biodiversity; 5) Human rights defenders. Publications: annual reports and many documents, newsletters, and videos for each domain. 75 FoE-affiliated groups employ some 1,200 staff. Chair: Jagoda Munic.

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