Environmental Defence Canada

Environmental Defence Canada (2004; Toronto; 25 staff; environmentaldefence.ca)

A campaigning platform with 250,000+ supporters that seeks to challenge and inspire change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for Canadians.


  • Empowering Canadians to take action in their own daily lives.
  • Working with industry in support of a clean, prosperous economy.
  • Engaging government regarding environmental protection.


  • Kicking Out Toxic Chemicals – To protect human health, and reduce Canadians’ exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday products. They campaign industry and government to take out or ban harmful ingredients from consumer products and provide consumers with the knowledge to make informed decision.
  • Climate & clean economy – Campaigning to completely phase-out polluting fossil fuels and reduce carbon pollution to zero by mid-century. They promote modern and clean energy and a sustainable economy.
  • Creating Livable Communities – Campaign for the protection of vital water sources through greenbelts, support smarter growth and planning in cities and towns, and encourage the extraction and use of environmentally responsible aggregates.
  • Safeguarding Canada’s Freshwater – Push the governments to take action and businesses to change their practices in order to safeguard the Great Lakes and other water resources.
  • Blue Flag – An eco-certification program for beaches and marinas that certifies cleanliness and accessibility, water quality, high safety standards, and protection of local shorelines and ecosystems.


  • Frequent newsletters promoting running campaigns
  • Press releases, Op-Eds and a blog with 600+ entries
  • 120+ reports, guides, and submissions

Leadership: Tim Gray (Executive Director)

Budget: $2.8m

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